EXTENDED DEADLINE: International Consultant to Conduct Capacity Building Training for CSOs on Fundraising, Chisinau, Moldova

Organization: Institutum Virtutes Civilis
Sector: Civil society development
Term Duration:  11 working days, in the period Dec 2021 – July 2022
Consultancy Type: International Consultancy
Location: Chișinău, Republic of Moldova
Required Language(s): English
Preferred Language(s): Romanian
Closing Date: 12/11/2021 at 6:00 pm EET


The Institutum Virtutes Civilis hereby invites you to submit a proposal for consultancy services to conduct capacity building training for CSOs on fundraising and for the development of a guide for strengthening the CSOs’ capacities for diversification of their funding sources.

These activities are realized within the project “Civil Society Organizations Acting for Better Social Services”, funded by the European Union, co-financed and implemented by the Soros Foundation-Moldova (SFM) in partnership with the Keystone Moldova (KM) Association and the Public Association „Institutum Virtutes Civilis” (IVC).

Through this project, IVC also aims to train at least 40 CSOs in the social field in areas such as: organizational management, design of participatory social services developed in partnership with central and local public administrations and public institutions. CSOs will be trained to ensure greater financial sustainability through the knowledge gained and the opportunities to be contracted by the state as service providers. Another objective of the project is the capacity of at least 20 central and local public authorities, to develop responsive social services, which can have integrated risk mitigation interventions. The national government (Ministry of Health Labor Social Protection, Ministry of Finance) obtains technical support and assistance in developing and piloting the methodology for calculating the costs for several social services and the mechanism for contracting social services.


  1. Training curriculum for the 2-days training on CSOs’ financial sustainability + training materials that will be distributed to participants, developed and presented;
  2. Two 2 days trainings on financial sustainability for 20 CSOs conducted, agenda and materials, training narrative report elaborated;
  3. A guide/instruction developed by the consultant for the CSOs from the social field about innovative fundraising approaches and financial sustainability;
  4. Increased capacity of 40 CSOs on development of financial sustainability plans.


Education and Experience

• Master’s or Phd degree in social and humanitarian sciences (ex. Sociology, Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, etc.) and a minimum of five (5) years of relevant experience working on social development-related areas and CSOs’ fundraising;

• In-depth knowledge in the field of civil society development in East Europe;

• Experience of at least 5 years in providing technical assistance and support to civil society organizations in fundraising for CSOs;

• Demonstrated analytical capacity, through written work and dialogue, of in-depth knowledge of the social issues, including CSOs’ activity assessment and consultation/participation methodologies, working with vulnerable groups (please provide links to the developed materials);

• Good teamwork skills;

• Experience in providing similar trainings for CSOs.

Working languages

• Project deliverables and consultancy services will be offered in English, thus excellent oral and written communication skills in English are expected;

• Knowledge of Romanian language will be considered a strong asset.


Interested experts should send the documents listed below to the e-mail address: servicii.sociale.ivc@gmail.com, by November 12, 2021 (6:00 pm EET), with the subject line entitled “International Consultant on CSO Financial Sustainability”.

• Personal CV (max. 3 pages, please include the contact phone and/or Skype ID for an possible interview), including a list of publications on relevant topics (if any). The CV should include the contact details (e-mail addresses) of at least 2 referees;

• Technical offer: the preliminary structure of the guide and a short description of the topics and methods that will be applied during the training (1-2 pages);

• Detailed activity plan/calendar with the indication of execution terms and products to be delivered, according to the requested ToR and with the indication of the expected results for each stage. (PDF file name: Working Plan – Name Surname of applicant/applicants);

• Financial Offer (FO):  The consultant shall make proposals on the expected daily fee in EUR.

*Note! The project team will offer logistical support to the international consultant, including organizing all the international travel and providing accommodation during her/his work in the Republic of Moldova, as well as organizing all the logistics for the trainings. In general, IVC reserves its right to ensure travel costs not exceeding those of an economy class ticket.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.



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